New for 2022!

Hi all – all PMVC members will have been contacted now with the new mailing lists and links to this new site. We will be publishing shortly the ‘strategy’ going forward and have some exciting (but gentle) changes coming up with an expanding repertoire. And of course any new concert dates will be published here and on social media.

We are still having to be cautious with what we are able to commit to (and that includes rehearsals) so please be patient with us whilst we try and balance the ‘environment’ and potential restrictions and the desires and wishes of the members (to keep us all safe) but I am hoping it will all start to stabilise soon once the weather improves and we emerge in to the new seasons (with longer days!).

As some of you may know we have also now got a ‘new’ committee which is really a mix of new and old (and one person persuaded to continue in an interim role – you know who you are and we appreciate the support).

I know this is slightly late but on behalf of the committee and the members we wish all visitors to the site a Happy and Prosperous New Year and look forward to the opportunities to share our singing with you all in the not too distant future.

Stay safe and well!

Kind regards

Dave Hughes


Pewsey Male Voice Choir.